About us

Our hatchery started in 1986 at Uttar Rajendrapur po:-Malancho dist:-North 24 pragana in West Bengal. Mr Bimal Kumar Biswas is the founder of our hatchery. He is a very experienced person, over 30 years worked in Hatchery .It is registered by West Bengal Government. Hatchery designs are highly flexible and are tailored to the requirements of site, species produced, geographic location, funding and personal preferences. Many hatchery facilities are small and coupled to larger on-growing operations, whilst others may produce juveniles solely for sale. Very small-scale hatcheries are often utilized in subsistence farming to supply families or communities particularly in south-east Asia. A small-scale hatchery unit consists of larval rearing tanks, filters, live food production tanks and a flow through water supply. A generalized commercial scale hatchery would contain a bloodstock holding and spawning area, feed culture facility, larval culture area, juvenile culture area, pump facilities, laboratory, quarantine area, and offices and bathrooms. Our hatchery is one of the big hatchery in West Bengal. We produce both consume and ornamental fishes.



Biswas Hatchery has the responsibility to be link between their clients and national market.Everyday we interacts with clients and resolving unworkable ones. Effective teams have clear mission and purpose because mission gives direction and purpose to the team to achieve the target.


We have taken it as our primary vision to dedicate ourselves to the cause of producing high quality fishes from our firm.We want to reach out to the Hatchery worldwide and provide them high quality fishes after fullfill the requirment in our country.